Genia Philip Answers the Question: “How is Social Media Changing Philanthropy?”

Genia Philip
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

Technology plays a vital and critical role in shaping how nonprofits approach donations and philanthropy as a whole. New developments in technology offer efficient and cost-effective ways to allow professionals to crowdsource and fundraise far more efficiently than before.

Technology also plays a critical role in how people support community nonprofit and philanthropic causes. To simplify your fundraising efforts and marketing strategies, one should adopt this modern nonprofit strategy to manage their campaign. In 2022 there are some emerging trends when it comes to fundraising; keep reading to learn more!

The Power of Social Media

Fundraising is all about engaging with people as much as possible, and social media provides one of the best platforms to engage with potential donors. Based on data released in 2021, approximately 4.48 billion people globally are actively involved in various social media platforms. This indicates about a 13 percent increase from the data released in 2020. As of now, nine in every ten people have access to the internet, so you can reach a global audience when using social media to raise support.

Today, social media has become one of the must-haves in fundraising, and nonprofits are learning how to harness these platforms to engage their supporters and contributors and increase the effectiveness of fundraising endeavors. Therefore, consider boosting your social media presence to build a strong fundraising team as part of your efforts in crowdsourcing for nonprofits.

Benefits of Social Media as a Fundraising Tool

Social media comes with several benefits in your fundraising journey, beyond just the ability to reach a wider audience. Some benefits of running a social media fundraising campaign include the following.

First, social media allows one to share more campaign stories on these platforms and help donors stay informed of the ongoing impact of their donations. It enables you to spend more time developing your mission and story for your followers, rather than bombarding them with long documents or newsletters in a traditional mailer. Also, with the rise of hashtags, social media platforms have become practical tools in promoting causes and connecting with other organizations doing similar work.

As you consider your fundraising goals for 2022, make sure social media is part of your outreach plan!

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Genia Philip

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